Provide direction and execution on content and communications for programming of AIGA Portland's Women Lead Chapter.


American Institute of Graphic Arts


Portland, Oregon


Women Lead Communications


Strategy, Design, Research

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Content Mission

The Portland AIGA Woman is: 

• A design-thinking creative working at an agency, a brand, marketing, or as an independent creative professional in Portland. She often works over 40 hours a week, and her time is precious. 

• She needs to rely on AIGA to be an organization she can look to for talking points and information.

• Her ideal is a ‘one-stop shopping’ digital experience for meeting new friends who are nearby, sharing work with colleagues, getting inspiration, learning new skills, getting educated about design-thinking topics, staying in the know about agencies and anything else that helps her get on top of her game within her field - and keeps her prepared for new job prospects.



• Brand awareness

• 30%+ increase in female memberships

• Increase in volunteers for Women Lead

• Improve SEO by 20%

• Sold out events

• 50% Increase of engagement with content

• Get individual articles in the top 10 pages visited in 2017

• Get “News” or “Blog” to be the most visited page to start drilling

• To spike over 2,000 sessions by end of Q2 2017


• To unite, educate and advance the Portland design community.

• To help establish AIGA as a culture leader in the Portland design community

• To elevate emerging Portland-based designers and tell their stories

• To engage with a younger and more international audience beyond Portland

• To introduce the next global generation of designers and design leaders to AIGA


Top 8 visited pages:

• landing page
• upcoming events

• jobs

• about us

design contests are unethical (the top read story post)



• fake it til' you make it

Top 8 words that visitors find AIGA through:

• aiga

• event

• upcoming-events

• about-us

• programs

• event-internal

• jobs

• get-involved


Focus on creating 'Evergreen Content', Content which does not expire in the short term, is perpetually relevant, and always fresh.


● Graphic Design Centered Topics

● Interviews & Profiles (members & non-members)

● Reviews (books, exhibitions, art, typography, websites, movies, music)

● Op-ed pieces

Voice + Style:

● Smart, yet not academic

● Casual, yet not chatty

● Humorous and witty, yet not flip, overly ironic, or trivial

● Clear and engaging

● Critical and reflective, yet not cynical

● Surprising, yet always consistent

● Provocative, yet respectful

● Accessible to a non-design audience


• Plan 3 events for 2018

• Fill out an editorial calendar for Women Lead on Basecamp

• Conceptualize campaigns, leads, and stories

• Develop go-to talent for content production volunteers

• Create list of potential subjects

• Make a format for podcast interviews

• Multimedia interviews for blog and social

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