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As an visionary thinker and artist with interconnected experience in the business worlds of marketing and apparel, Christine's art uses her skills in creative storytelling, brand strategy, and sustainability to explore social and 
environmental implications of colonialist systems.

Christine is committed to her continuous learning and is completing her Master of Science at GCNYC in 2024 and she brings an informed passion for art and justice paired with a wealth of experience managing global operations, creative teams, and impactful brand initiatives.

As an empirical researcher, Christine is tracing the origins of fashion marketing as a part of her research as she looks deep into how marketing is contributing to climate change.

Her thesis is focused on how the European Union’s regulations will impact the way American brands conduct business.

My art medium is fashion as a form of communication used to bring more awareness around the existing global power dynamics that have been handed down through generations of colonialist mindsets from the global north to the global south.

It work as a form of resistance by provoking conversation around power, class, and gender dynamics that are not only between people with different interpretations of these topics, but also about the history of global colonialism and power of White Supremacy and its influence on consumption how it is symbolized in existing power structures and the habitual consumption of things that the dominant White culture has deemed as 'other'. 


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